Vitamin C Shower Filters

Vitamin C Shower Filters: Popular Trend in 2023 That Actually Works

Vitamin C Shower Filter: Popular Trend in 2023 That Actually Works

If you're looking for a way to upgrade your shower experience, you may have come across many different types of shower filters. The most common shower filters in the US are carbon shower filters, KDF shower filters, and vitamin C shower filters. They all serve the same purpose of purifying water and removing harmful substances from tap water. And each one has its own good and bad but vitamin C shower filters are known to be very effective in removing chlorine and other harmful substances while adding skin nourishing vitamin C.

The trend of vitamin C shower filter made its debut a couple of years ago in luxury hotels and has now made its way to households worldwide. But does it actually work? And what are the benefits of using a Vitamin C shower filter? Let's take a closer look at what vitamin C shower filters do and whether they live up to the hype.


What is a Vitamin C Shower Filter?

A Vitamin C shower filter is a widely used type of shower head filter in the United States. Utilizing a distinct form of vitamin C called ascorbic acid, these shower filters effectively neutralize the chlorine content in tap water. Chlorine, one of the most often employed as a disinfectant in water treatment plants in the US, can remove natural oils from the skin and hair, causing dry skin, itchy skin, frizzy hair and possibly leading to hair loss.

Vitamin C shower filters function by transforming chlorine into innocuous compounds, such as chloride or hydrochloric acid. This process yields softer water, improving overall hygiene and comfort. So it doesn't just remove chlorine but rather neutralizes chlorine from tap water.

Does Vitamin C Shower Filter Actually Work?

There have been many studies and lab tests proving that vitamin C shower filters can indeed eliminate chlorine in shower water.
However, one of the challenges with vitamin C shower filters is that they may need to be replaced more often for them to remain effective due to the character of ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid can be used up quickly, especially in areas with high chlorine levels, which means that the filters may need to be replaced more often.

In addition, some users have reported that vitamin C shower filters can cause a reduction in water pressure. This is because the water filter cartridges need to be relatively large in order to accommodate the ascorbic acid, which can restrict the flow of water.

The Benefits of Vitamin C Shower Filter

Vitamin C shower filters offer some potential benefits.

  • For one, they can help to make shower water gentler for softer skin and hair. Chlorine and other harmful substances will leave residual buildup left on your skin and hair and they can be particularly harsh on sensitive skin or dry hair, and reducing its levels can help to reduce irritation.

  • Vitamin C shower filters may also be useful for people who live in areas with particularly high levels of chlorine in the water. In these cases, the filters can help to reduce exposure to the chemical.

  • Finally, some people simply enjoy the idea of adding a skin-nourishing vitamin to their shower routine. And with essential oils added to the filter to release aromatherapy scents, it provides spa-like shower experiences that you can enjoy in your own shower.


Vitamin C Shower Filters


At H201SHIFT, we believe that shower time is not just about getting clean, it's about turning your shower into a daily self-care ritual. That's why we designed our handheld shower head to feature a dual water filtration system that takes your shower experience to the next level, much like a home spa experience. We've added aromatherapy spa to a filtered shower head while infusing powerful nutrients for optimal health for your skin and hair.

Our first filtration step purifies water to remove heavy metals, impurities, and physical debris from tap water. The filtered water then goes through our patented Vitamin C filter capsule, which removes residual chlorine and other harmful chemicals while making your hard water softer without compromising on strong water pressure. And on top of that, our shower head adds essential oils and other beneficial nutrients to give you a spa-like experience by releasing relaxing scents through the water flow.

Our clinical studies have proven that our filters provide softer skin, less skin irritation, and better skin elasticity. Our customers rave about our handheld shower heads, saying that they have helped not only with water quality but also with dry scalp and less frizzy hair and most customers notice the difference in their first shower. Just imagine what your shower could do if it's infused with Vitamin C and other nutrients that are proven to give you glowing skin.

Here a few benefits of our vitamin c infused handheld showerheads:

  • Our Vitamin C shower filters are specially designed to purify water by removing impurities and chlorine from your water while infusing it with skin-loving nutrients. By deploying Vitamin C into the shower stream(both hot water or cold water), our filters neutralize chlorine and promote healthy hair and skin. Additionally, the filters help build collagen, which strengthens hair and prevents skin from getting dry and flaky. With daily use, as clinically proven by our independent studies, you'll notice an improvement in your hair and skin's overall appearance and health.

  • Our filters are made with safe, high-quality, and ethically sourced ingredients to provide the best results possible. And our vitamin filter shower heads are affordable and easy to install.

  • Our water filter cartridge(Pure Water Filter) that comes pre-installed with every hand held shower head lasts up to 6 months and the replacement cartridges cost as low as $6.

  • Our vitamin C shower capsule lasts 20+ showers, which is extremely cost-effective compared to shower steamers.

  • Easy installation - just connect with your existing shower hose, which takes less than 2 minutes. No tools are required with you have an existing handheld shower head.

  • And last but not least, our filtered shower head does not compromise on water pressure. We've tested over thousand times to find the optimal water pressure with water consumption in mind to give you the best spa like experience.

So why settle for a basic shower when you can turn it into a luxurious and beneficial self-care experience with our Vitamin C shower filters? Try them today and leave dry skin in the past. Enjoy healthier skin and softer hair for yourself.


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