The Shower Starter Kit Lite

Feel like you’re in a spa with your very own aromatherapy shower starter kit. Simply pop in a scent capsule into the shower head and enjoy the benefits of vitamins and aromatic scents. The handheld shower head also has a filter to remove debris and impurities from tap water. Simplify your skincare routine with the shower you already take every day. 

Each capsule lasts 20+ showers and the filter lasts up to 6 months.

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Filtered Water
Chlorine Removal
Aromatherapy Spa
Hydrated Skin
Softer Hair
Vitamin Infused

Step #1

Purify and Nourish

Daily exposure to harsh chemicals in your water can leave behind buildup that makes your hair and skin feel dry and unhealthy. Our advanced filter and vitamin capsule work together to remove chlorine and rust, while deeply hydrating your skin, hair, and senses. Say goodbye to dryness and irritation, and hello to nourished, healthy-looking skin and hair.

Benefits to Your Skin & Hair

deeply hydrates skin and hair

Deeply hydrates skin

Reduces skin irritation

Reduces skin irritation

Reduces frizziness

Reduces frizziness

improves hair shine

Improves hair shine

Shower infused with Vitamin C plus more skin-loving ingredients

Step #2

Powerful, Natural Ingredients

Our vitamin capsule contains 6000mg of Vitamin C, which is equivalent to 120 lemons' worth of Vitamin C. 🍋🍋🍋🍋 But that's not all - our formula also includes other skin- and hair-loving ingredients like Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Trehalose, and Oatmeal Powder. These ingredients help to soothe irritation, increase moisture retention, and nourish with nutrients and powerful antioxidants.

What's in Every Capsule

Dermatologically Tested and Allergen-Free
Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Moisturize and hydrate the skin

Repair damaged hair

Vitamin C

Boost the radiance of the skin

Improve hair growth and thickness

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Improve skin's elasticity

Strengthen and repair damaged hair

Shea Butter

Shea Butter

Help to prevent dry skin

Help to control frizz

trehalose benefits for skin and hair


Help to protect the skin

Hydrate dry, damaged hair

Oatmeal Powder

Oatmeal Powder

Soothe and calm sensitive skin

Sooth and itchy scalp and control dandruff

Easily change your scent capsule and turn your shower into an aromatherapeutic spa experience 시프트 샤워기 미국 네고왕

Step #3

Indulge in a Spa-Like Shower EVERY DAY

Revamp your shower routine with our scent capsules. Whether you need a burst of energy to start your day with refreshing Bergamot scent, a calming Lavender scent before bed, or a romantic atmosphere with Patchouli & Rose, our aroma-infused showerhead has you covered. Easily change the capsule to refresh your mood and turn your shower into an aromatherapeutic spa.

Signature Scents

Ginger & Bergamot

Invigorating citrus scent to freshen up your morning

Scent Note: Bergamot | Ginger | Mandarin

Recommended for: Morning Showers

Tea Tree & Lavender

Relaxing and calming scent perfect for evening showers

Scent Note: Lavender | Violet | Smoky

Recommended for: Evening Showers

Patchouli & Rose

Warm and sensual floral scent for romantic nights

Scent Note: Patchouli | Amber | Rose

Recommended for: Evening Showers

Basil & Grass

Uplifting and fresh scent to awaken your senses

Scent Note: Basil | Forest | Grass

Recommended for: Morning Showers

Clinically Proven Benefits

Independent clinical study results: 94% say they experienced an improvement in their skin after using H201SHIFT showerhead.
*Results observed in clinical studies 2021.
clinical study shows H201SHIFT showerhead reduced facial redness by 20% within 72 hours of usage.

Reduced Redness

Within 72 hours of usage, facial redness was reduced by 20%.

clinical study shows H201SHIFT showerhead improved radiant skin and reduced acne breakout within 4 weeks of usage.

Clearer Skin

94% have seen improvements in acne breakouts and radiant skin within 4 weeks.

clinical study shows H201SHIFT showerhead improved skin hydration within 4 weeks of usage.

More Hydrated Skin

Within 4 weeks of usage, skin hydration increased by 24%.

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